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World Champion Autographed Innova DX COBRA Golf Disc 167 - Item # 111


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This is a Brand New Innova Autographed DX COBRA Mid Range Golf Disc 167 grams in unthrown condition. It was bought and autographed at the 2005 Cross Canyon Challenge, currently named ‘Throw Down the Mountain. In 2005 it was part of the Fabulous Florida Tour. Their are upward of 20 World Championships represented by these autographs. You get the disc in the picture.

Disc-White — Stamp-Blue

Speed 4, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 2

INNOVA Says: The King Cobra has the stability players are looking for in a Mid-Range combined with long lasting Champion plastic. With just the right amount of high speed turn to fly straight at full power, the King Cobra is a perfect ‘Go-To’ Mid-Range which should become straighter finishing with age. The King Cobra (Ontario mold) falls between the Roc+ and the Shark on the stability spectrum. Like the Super Stingray, the King Cobra is more stable than it’s DX counterpart the Cobra.

Classification: Mid-Range
Disc Diameter: 21.2cm
Weight Range: 165 to 180 grams
Available Plastics: Champion
Best Choice for: Technical shots, Reliable Performance

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