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Millennium Sirius FALCON 175 w/Barsby Autograph- Item # 789


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This is a Brand New Millennium Sirius FALCON Golf Disc 175 grams in unthrown condition. You get the disc in the picture. Gregg picked this up at Milleniums HQ, signed it and sold it to me.

Disc-Swirly Green and Yellow— Stamp-Silver

Millennium Says: The Falcon is an ultra-long-range driver that will carve up fairways long and wide. It is similar to our popular Scorpius but faster and with slightly less high-speed stability. A solid turn will launch the Falcon into a ground-eating glide that, when paired with its aerodynamic wing, gives this disc outstanding distance. The low speed fade is reminiscent of the Scorpius which makes this Falcon’s finish very dependable into all but the staunchest of headwinds.

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Class Putter

Weights Available: 173g – 176g

Speed 2
Glide 3
Turn 0
Fade 2


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