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Massage Gun



Lifetime Warranty

1 Month Refund Policy

Comes with 4 Free Massage Heads, Battery Charger

(Battery is 15000mHA rechargeable lithium-ion battery supports about 4 – 6 hours of use per charge)

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Convenient Stress & Pain Relief using the science of Percussive Therapy for the price of one massage For Life







We all work hard, we all have our battle

We try to stay strong through the day

All of a sudden


Your body starts to ache

And once again

The 800 pound Pain Elephant is in the room

And this Pain Elephant is all you can think of

Halting your ambition and progress

Ill go fast

Being a lifelong athlete

I remember doing everything I could to get rid of this Pain Elephant

It was crippling my goals, my personal life, and my career

With anxiety and taking me out of focus

I needed to defeat this Pain Elephant anyway possible

My curiosity for massage guns arose when

I saw Lebron James use one in the NBA

(Lebron James)

Then through time I started to see other NBA players and athletes use these massage guns

I had to know why

According to

New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best Seller Dr. Kelly Starrett

98% of injury and pain (dysfunction) are caused from 2 things.

1) Misalignment of the spine, muscles, and/or tendons.

2) Overtension in the muscles.

Massage guns (like massages) decrease overtension by using the science of vibrational therapy

I was so excited!!

A tool that will help defeat the Pain Elephant

Until I saw:

The dreaded prices of these massage guns


If you’re like me and 63% of Americans who can’t afford a $500 Emergency,

We know these massage guns are not within our budget.

That’s why we (PerciVex) set out to provide an affordable alternative massage gun.

A one time cost for professional massage pain relief at your finger tips.

I’ve done yoga, massages, foam rolling, and a bunch of other pain relief tactics

But massage guns are the fastest, more reliable form of pain relief I have found.

I felt like I didn’t need it at first

But after trying it I realized,

“I don’t need gasoline to start a fire either, but it sure does help”

It’s a better life that has helped me and others with our pain & anxiety

We’re so confident in our massage guns, we offer a 1 month refund policy and a lifetime warranty policy.

4 Free Heads Included

Choose Your Level of Massage

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