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Innova Star TEEBIRD 3 Halo Golf Disc 173-5 - Item # 123


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This is a Brand New Innova Star TeeBIRD 3 Halo Golf Disc Fairway Driver 173-5 grams in unthrown condition. The disc in the picture is the disc you get.

Disc-Silver/White — Stamp-Blue

Innova Star TeeBIRD 3 Halo Golf Disc Fairway Driver

Speed 8
Glide 4
Turn 0
Fade 2

INNOVA Says: The TeeBird3 represents the evolution of the TeeBird. Many people have described a lot of discs as a “faster TeeBird”, but this is the real deal. The flat flight plate promotes speed while reducing glide, effectively producing consistent, accurate flights. This is a point and shoot, target specific fairway driver.

Classification: Fairway Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Weight Range: 165 to 175 grams
Brief Description: The TeeBird 3 is faster with less glide, and has the same trusted turn and fade flight ratings as the original TeeBird.
Available Plastics: Metal Flake, G-Star, Star,
Glow Best Choice for:¬†Accurate shot-shaping, ‘Go-To’ fairway driver, Faster TeeBird with less glide

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