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Innova Dr. Putter Big Bead KC Pro AVIAR Golf Disc 175 Item # 636


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This is a Brand New Innova Dr. Putter Big Bead KC Pro AVIAR Disc Golf Putter 175 grams in unthrown condition. You get the disc in the picture.
Disc-Purple — Stamp-Silver Basket Prism/White
Speed: 2, Glide: 3, Turn: 0, Fade: 2
INNOVA Says: The Aviar is the number one putter in disc golf. It has won more World Championships than all other putters combined. The Big Bead Aviar is also known as the Aviar Driver and the very same mold has been used in KC Pro & JK Pro Aviars. The Big Bead gives the disc more stability and a longer lifespan.The KC (Ken Climo) Aviar Pro Aviar is made from the Aviar Big Bead mold in a firm blend of Pro Plastic for players who prefer a stiffer disc. Great for putts, approach shots, and short drives. Artist Michael Ramanauskaswho drew inspiration for the design from childhood salmon fishing trips, said making this parody design was a fun challenge. A big part of his job was to show Dr. Putter on a disc in a way that gave “secondary association.” The carbonation bubbles were also key, added Ramanauskas.   Innova discusses their plastic HERE:
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