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Discmania C-Line MD Fly Dye Golf Disc 180 - Item # 011


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This is a Brand New Discmania C-Line MD Mid Range Driver, 180 grams in unthrown condition. The disc in the picture is the disc you get.

Disc-Abstract Flag — Stamp-Blue

DISCMANIA SAYS: Meet the Discmania MD, fairway surgeon, operating your way onto the green. The MD is the numberless child of the Discmania midrange family. This icon of neutrality has a convex wing that makes it feel right at home in your grip. The MD has high glide even at the end of the flight, so the fade 0 is no exaggeration. Compared to many other midranges the MD is super straight even at the very end of the flight. The MD is an excellent choice if you are intimidated by tunnel shots. Pick one up and you can stop worrying on the teepad.

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Plastic: ESP
Available in: Pro D, Elite X, Elite Z, ESP, FLX
Class: Mid Range Driver
Stability: 0.5 Weights: to 178 grams
Best for: all skill levels
Notable: Discraft’s most popular mid range and my personal favorite.


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