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Discmania C-Line CD-3 X-Out Golf Disc 170 - Item # 124


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This is a Brand New Discmania C-Line CD 3 X-Out Golf Disc 170 grams in unthrown condition. The disc in the picture is the disc you get. This is the old school Discmania, embossed Innova and inked on the back. X-out is for 3 small black dots on the flight plate.

Disc-Yellow— Stamp-Black

Speed 11, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 2

DISCMANIA SAYS: A New Level of Control! We set out to create a driver that was suitable for all walks of life and ended up with something even more special than that. When we say this disc is good for everybody, we mean everybody!! Although it is great for beginning players and advanced golfers alike, the CD3 will find a home in even the most skilled players’ bags. You will find yourself reaching for it again and again for long tunnel shots, huge turnovers, gentle hyzers, and a soft finish on every throw. Some of our players even like it for a longer roller.

Pair this with an FD and CD2 and you will be set. Our experts wanted to construct a disc that added the perfect compliment to the CD family and that is exactly what we have made. Think of your favorite CD2 and sprinkle in some added speed, glide, and a little bit of turn and you have yourself a CD3. Give one a try today and we know you will fall in love. We reinvented our game, now it’s time to reinvent yours as well. Discmania discusses their plastic HERE:


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