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DGA Glow TSUNAMI Tripps Fly Dye Golf Disc 173-4 - Item # 299


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This is a Brand New DGA Tripps Fly Dye TSUNAMI Midnight Flyer Stamped Glow Golf Disc 173-4 grams in unthrown condition. It has a Midnight Flyer throwback stamp honoring the days before golf discs existed when everyone threw catch lids called Midnight Flyers. This is part of the initial release of the Disc Golf Fly Mart’s new artist Tiffany Tripps Art Studio. Tiffany’s dramatic designs are brilliantly colored and abstract. The process she uses is time consuming but results are breathtaking. Each disc is a unique artwork that looks more dynamic in your hand than pictures can capture. We offer a money back guarantee on all of Tiffany’s work.

Disc-Nebula — Stamp-Black #5 Midnight Flyer

DGA Says: The Tsunami has been out of production for a few years now. The Tsunami has been generally known as the “straighter flying” or “seasoned” version of the Discraft Predator. The Tsunami is a controllable, overstable driver that can handle some wind, carry some distance and fade out on a nice predictable line.

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Classification: Mid-Range
Disc Diameter: 21.7cm
Weight Range: 150 class to 180 grams
Brief Description: The Champion Roc is one of the most sought after discs available today.
Limited release, available in February.
Available Plastics: DX, KC Pro (Stiff), Super (Pro Line), Champion
Best Choice for: Collectibility, hyzer shots, stable drives, mid range sidearm disc. Experienced players utility disc, hyzer shots, anhyzer shots, turnover shots when worn, sidearm approaches.
Speed 4
Glide 5
Turn 0
Fade 2


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