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INNOVA discs has been a leading powerhouse in the world of disc golf from the very beginning. This powerful disc brand  was formed in 1983 by Dave Dunipace. Dave Dunipace has been a world-class competitor for many decades.  Dunipace is a disc golf world distance champion, and also the founder and CEO of Innova Champion Discs. Even to this day, he continues to grow the sport by coaching and designing courses. The first frisbee created by Dunipace, the Eagle , was the first frisbee designed for frisbee golf purposes.  Eventually frisbees became discs, and frisbree golf turned into disc golf. Innova Champion has been the leading innovator in every aspect of the sport.  Their Discatcher basket is probably the most professionally-used basket in the entire sport. They continue to dominate the world of disc golf – – producing some of the most sought-after discs and sponsoring some of the world’s best players.

innova discs
Innova Star Destroyer

The Star Destroyer is one of the most sought-after drivers in the entire sport.  Garrett Gurthie uses them to park 700 ft holes. Paul Mcbeth used them to win 4 World Titles – – –  before he switched to Discraft!

Innova Paul McBeth 4 Time World Champion Star DESTROYER Golf Disc
KC Pro Roc

The KC Pro Roc is one of the most popular mid-ranges in the game!  Ken Climo used them to win all 13 of his World Titles, his 222 career wins, and his $430,000 in career earnings!

Innova Ken Climo 12 Time World Champion KC Pro ROC Golf Disc
Innova Aviar Putter

The Aviar is Innova’s signature putter.  Who putts with Aviars? You guessed it…… Ken Climo! – – along with many other top pros, and players in general.

innova aviar putter

Ken Climo, the 13 time World Champion, is the Michael Jordan of this sport.  Climo has been the Innova big wig since the 1980’s.  Dominating the 90’s, Climo won 9 consecutive championships back-to-back.  Gregg Barsby, the current world champion, is also sponsored by Innova Discs.  Innova has sponsored more World Champions than any of the other companies combined.  Other Innova- sponsored players include: Nate Sexton, Jeremy Koling, Jessica Weese, Jennifer Allen, & more.

Shot this video of Ken Climo & Johnny Mccray of Innova Discs a few years back......

Innova Drivers

Innova Midrange

Innova Putters

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