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Discraft Discs is one of the global powerhouses of disc golf.    It is no secret, a rivalry has existed between Innova Champion Discs and Discraft Discs since the sport’s humble beginnings – – back when it was still called frisbee golf!  Recently, they signed 4-time World Champion, Paul Mcbeth, to their roster.  Mcbeth signed a sweet 1 MILLION DOLLAR contract, and has been developing his own creative disc line.  Ever since, Mcbeth has been on a tear, dominating the 2019 season.  He has a total of 11 major wins so far in 2019, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Other players sponsored by Discraft include – –  World Champion Nate Doss, Michael Johansen, Paul Ulibarri, Tim Barham, Brian Earheart, Austin Hannum, Andrew Presnell, Valerie Jenkins, Austin Turner, & More!

Discraft Drivers

Midrange Discs


Discraft Discs originated as a disc golf and ultimate frisbee brand in 1979.  What started in a small garage in Westland, Michigan, soon became a global force in disc golf and ultimate frisbee. Many World Champions – – like Nate Doss and Ron Russell — have used these discs to propel themselves to victory.  With the Luna putter and protype Kong distance driver, Paul Mcbeth has been dominating the 2019 tour series.  Discraft continues to grow the sport of disc golf through sponsorships and top-of-the-line disc production.  

Discraft Says: Paul McBeth adds a second disc to his line up – the prototype KONG distance driver.  (Now called the Zeus)  Fast, shallow, with plenty of grip. You’ll feel a connection to this disc the second that it’s in your hand. From the shallow rim and perfectly shaped edge, to the soft and grippy feel of the ESP plastic, this driver will elevate high speed arms to the next level of competition. Delivering even more glide than expected, you’ll find yourself trusting in Kong time and time again.

Discraft Prototype Paul McBeth ESP KONG Golf Disc

More players agree: Buzzz™ is the best midrange golf disc you can buy, period. It’s an ultra-dependable, straight flying midrange that you’ll reach for time and time again. Throw it hard and versatile, Buzzz™ will hold any line you put it on.  

Discraft Z BUZZZ Fly Dyed Disc Golf Disc
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