Innova Champion LEOPARD 3 Golf Disc 167 – Item #042


Innova Champion LEOPARD 3 Golf Disc 167 - Item #042

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This is a Brand New Champion LEOPARD 3 Golf Disc 167 grams in unthrown condition. The disc in the picture is the disc you get.

Disc -Pink —- Stamp-Blue Shattered Prism

INNOVA Says: The Leopard3 has a nice controllable turn right out of the box. It can be thrown smooth for straighter shots, or harder for more turn. Adjusting the angle of release allows the Leopard3 to be an incredibly versatile fairway driver.

Classification: Fairway Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Weight Range: 150 class to 175 grams
Brief Description: Everyone’s first fairway driver. Useful for long straight shots, gentle hyzers and turnover shots. Extended life as a roller.
Available Plastics:

  • Star: 165-175g
  • GStar: 165-175g
  • Champion: 165-175g

Best Choice for: finesse shots, controlled drives, predictable turning drives

Speed 7
Glide 5
Turn -2
Fade 1

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in


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