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Who is Gregg Barsby?

Innova Sponsored Player – – Gregg Barsby – – I first met 2018 Disc Golf World Champion Gregg Barsby in 2013.  Gregg Barsby is currently sponsored by Innova Champion Discs, and his favorite discs are the Eagle and the Roadrunner.

  So, Gregg was coming out to Indiana to practice for the 2013 PDGA World Championships in Crown Point, Indiana.  He posted a message on facebook, saying that he was coming to town and needed a place to say.  Obviously, I had been following Barsby’s career for years, so I said “hey man, I got a place you can crash.”  Then, a few days later, he arrived, and he stayed for about two weeks. 

My Time with Gregg

Oh, how I felt so lucky to spend two weeks with the champ!  Gregg is a hillarious character and an absolute pleasure to spend time with.  We disc golfed in the rain, played in a tournament together (which Gregg won), and shared many laughs.  After spending two weeks with Gregg, I knew he would be a World Champion.  He has a true competitive spirit, and he truly lives and breathes disc golf

Not only does playing the sport drive him – – but also growing the sport.  Gregg spoke a lot about networking to grow the sport.  He was motivated to build courses and host events – – with the sole purpose of disc golf innovation and growth.  Quite often, Gregg spoke of his excitement towards teaching kids how to play the game.  These days, Gregg and I chat on a regular basis.  Together, we join forces to do everything we can to grow the sport.  Below, is a video from June 2019 – – Gregg signs the disc we gave away for our June raffle!

gregg barsby innova champion discs sponsored disc golf world champion
Nate Sexton Firebird

Nate Sexton’s career really took off when he won the 2017 United States Disc Golf Championship.  The USDGC is the most prestigious disc golf tournament of the year, and it just happens to be sponsored by Innova.  Sexton brought home the grand prize and made Innova proud.  Soon after Nate’s victory, Innova released the Nate Sexton Firebird.  Ever since its release, this disc has been a favorite amongst the disc golf community.  It’s design, featuring a huge ‘firebird’ and a small Nate Sexton, displays one of the coolest disc stamps that the sport has ever seen.  All discs have a cool blue color made up of a special glow plastic.  The disc flies fast and straight – – but ends with a stable hyzer.  

innova nate sexton firebird
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