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Halloween Disc Giveaway!! Free South Park TOWELIE!! Free Barsby Sticker
Say WHAT?!? How do I get me some?
Every Store Order of $20 or more (includes shipping ๐Ÿ™‚ gets a FREE Towelie Disc Golf Towel, a FREE Gregg Barsby Sticker and FREE entry into our 3 Disc Giveaway!!
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The day after Halloween I will run a raffle style drawing on this Facebook page selecting 3 winners. The winners pick their prize in the order they were selected. Prize Discs are:
1. Gregg Barsby Autographed KC Pro Aviar w/ top and bottom stamps commemorating his 2018 World Championship.
2. Nate Sexton 2019 Champion Glow FIREBIRD
3. Elaine King 2019 Tour Series Axiom Discs VANISH

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My Story

Back in the 1990s I would buy 5-10 of the discs I was throwing and toss them in my trunk. I always wanted backups for my lost discs. My mates would see the piles of plastic and offer me money for them. Flash forward a few years and I am running the Disc Golf Fly Mart.

My name is Bart Zandstra, and I’ve been disc golfing & collecting discs for 20+ years. I’ve competed in 7 World Championships with four top 10 finishes, and I’ve won several state titles in Indiana and Illinois.

My mission has been to collect a ton of disc golf discs.  My specialty is finding the coolest-looking discs with various dyes and stamps.  My store features some awesome disc golf discs from my collection – – many of them are unique! 

-Happy Disc Hunting.

SPECIAL!! – – Every order gets a FREE Gregg Barsby Disc Golf Sticker from the 2018 Disc Golf World Champion himself!
Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I’m happy to chat!

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Help support our friend here at The  Disc Golf Fly Mart – 2018 World Champion, Gregg Barsby.  These Barsbyline Snapbacks will keep you looking fresh on the course, and will also go a long way in supporting Gregg on tour with his disc golf endevours!

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The Disc Golf Fly Mart has been the on-line retailer for J-Bird Discs for over 15 years. We feature his fly dyes including the Abstract Flag Fly Dyes.

Jbird Discs Fly Dye Discs
Comcast Sports filmed a disc golf segment on my son Zach and I at Lemon Lake....See it here:
disc golf fly mart 2004 worlds
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Disc Golf Pro Tour cameras caught me watching the pros at the 2019 MVP Open @ Maple Hill

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