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Innova Rancho Star ROC Golf Disc 180 NEW Click To Zoom Product

Innova Rancho Star ROC Golf Disc 180 NEW

Availability: In stock

This is a brand new Star ROC Fly Dye golf disc, 180 grams in unthrown condition. The disc in the picture is the disc you get!

Disc-White --- Stamp-Green Merry Christmas

The Roc is simply the best, most versatile mid-range disc ever made. It provides accuracy at any range. This disc can take and hold the angle of release, even into a headwind. It can be used for driving, upshots, straight shots, hyzer shots or anhyzers. The Roc ages gradually and predictably. If you’re not sure what disc to throw, choose the Roc; just like most pros.



Classification: Mid-Range Disc
Diameter: 21.7cm
Weight Range: 150 class to 180 grams
Brief Description: The number one professional mid-range disc. It is very reliable at the high speeds that pros throw. It ages slowly, becoming an excellent slow turning disc as it wears.
Available Plastics: DX, KC Pro (Stiff), Super (Pro Line), Champion.
Best Choice for: Experienced players utility disc, hyzer shots, anhyzer shots, turnover shots when worn, sidearm approaches.

Additional Information

extra_description Avery Jenkins

The best mid range driver in disc golf, if you don’t throw one you're missing out. I use this disc for longer range approaches & upshots to the basket. It has great control and accuracy which makes it a great choice for medium length drives off the tee. This has been the mid-range disc of choice for a majority of World Champions in the last 20 years.

Stan McDaniel

San Marino and Ontario Rocs are the heart of my game for controlled turnover and straight approach shots.

Jared Roan Says:

The Roc is a slow flying, easy to control mid-range disc that should be in everyone's bag, from beginners to touring pros.
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