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Innova Champion BOSS Burning Man Fly Dye Golf Disc 175 NEW 75 Click To Zoom Product

Innova Champion BOSS Burning Man Fly Dye Golf Disc 175 NEW 75

Availability: In stock

This is a Brand New Champion BOSS Fly Dye Golf Disc, 175 grams in unthrown condition. The disc in the picture is the disc you get.

Disc-Burning Man --- Stamp-White

The Champion Boss is our first Speed 13 Distance Driver. This is a fast stable driver that can handle full power throws and moderate headwinds. Advanced players and sidearm throwers will appreciate the dependable stability. The Boss has a slight high speed turn to help maximize distance with a predictable fade. Not recommended for players who throw less than 300 feet.



Classification: Distance Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Weight Range: 165 to 175 grams
Available Plastics: Star, Champion, Pro, R-Pro
Best Choice for: Fast, long distance off the tee. Tailwind drives.
Speed 13
Glide 5
Turn -1
Fade 3

Additional Information

extra_description Currently holds the Distance World Record (263.2 Meters) thrown by Simon Lizotte. Designed for maximum distance off the tee. Great disc choice for sidearm or backhand throwers.
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condition New
page-title Frisbee Golf Disc
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